Wednesday, 23 February 2011

And so for my first post

Sorry, I can't resist this.  I've found the perfect remedy for getting the sticky gunge from sticking plasters off my mobile phone!  (No, the phone didn't cut itself, I just left it too close to the spare plaster I packed in case I cut my finger at work).  Just wipe it with nail varnish remover!


  1. I said I'd come over and here I am. As someone who deleted two years of posts accidently, and who fell into a deep despond [?] for four weeks afterwards, until, light bulb moment !!!Start again...I know how you felt when yours went down the plug hole or into a black hole somewhere in space. Varnish remover will also take of the residue left by price stickers from almost everything except expensive make up ccases mde of plastic.

  2. You are so welcome, Moannie. I love reading your blog.