Monday, 7 November 2011

The Mitford Girls Again

Spent a lovely weekend with elder daughter.  We had such fun.  Went shopping in Guildford on Saturday, had lunch in Jamie's Italian, watched the X-Factor in the evening.  Went for a walk on Reigate Hill Sunday morning.

I took with me "The Mitford Girls" by Mary S Lovell for elder daughter to read.  As posted below, this was on the basis that she enjoys watching "Downton Abbey", and would probably recognize some of Julian Fellowes' themes loosely drawn from life, namely the eccentric aristocrats called the Mitfords.

She was only a few pages in before announcing that she did, indeed, love it, and was enthralled.  Great, because I have lined up "The Pursuit of Love" by Nancy Mitford as a stocking filler for her this year.


  1. Love the Mitford girls! Just posted a lot of scanned photos of them on my blog!

  2. Hi Lyndsy, hanks for the info. I've had a look - fabulous pictures. The whole family were extraordinarily good-looking, must have been due to generations of selective breeding. Of course the fairy tale has a basis - the prince picks a beautiful peasant girl for his bride, or anyone else who is beautiful - never mind their ancestry!