Friday, 16 December 2011

Nancy wins through

Today is my first-born's birthday.  At about this time, 27 years ago, a midwife dragged her out with forceps and life was never the same again. I sent her a text this morning first thing, and waited all day for a reply.  Couldn't concentrate on my work.  Told the factory manager about it, and we chatted about his two daughters, son and five grandchildren.  One of his daughters has just written off to audition for X-Factor 2012.  That cheered me up.

Eventually, at about six pm, she called.  It seems that the book I sent, Nancy Mitford's classic, "The Pursuit of Love" is her favourite of all the presents I sent.  Hey! Yey!


  1. Happy birth-day to you for yesterday. I sometimes think the child shouldn't have the special day as it just 'arrived', whereas the birthday was a special day for the mom, something truly happened for her that day.
    Waiting for a text from an offspring...I know that feeling!

  2. A great book and always pleasing to have given them the right thing! Happy Birthday to your Eldest, glad she remembered her mother on such a day.

  3. Thank you, libby and hausfrau, for your birthday wishes. And understanding.

  4. A book is always the best gift - particularly when it's chosen with love.

    Happy Christmas and a cheery 2012 to you!