Sunday, 5 February 2012

Two Books

Like many addictive readers who don't always find the material they would like to read themselves, I always wanted to write a book.

I had two subjects in mind, both very dear to my heart and the product of life-long experience.

One was on the subject of how to lose weight, and the other on financial security for women.

Unfortunately, due to extreme conditions at work, (50% of staff made redundant, those left having to pick up all their colleagues' workload), there is no time to do anything.

My texts for each book now read as follows:

1. To Lose Weight - Eat Less

2. To Obtain Financial Security - Get into a Job With a Final Salary Pension Scheme.

Such is the distillation of my wisdom.


  1. I know your weight loss text is right...but why must it be so...sob!

  2. Well your advice is succinct but perhaps not yet a novel, certainly not two!

  3. Ha Ha! I know. Will have to wait until I retire, which, since I have no pension, is not on the horizon at all!

    CC - well, although I do take my own advice on this subject, I still find room for cake, on a regular basis, and find it one of the great joys of life!