Sunday, 22 April 2012

...Who is tired of London is tired of Life

I'm at a loss for words to give a title to this post.  It really sums up my whole blog, life and philosophy.

Yesterday went to London.  Elder daughter had given husband two tickets for Ronnie Scott's (one for him, one for me) as a birthday present. 

Ronnie Scotts.  This is a dive in Soho with subdued red-shaded lighting, hostesses in low-cut tops moving around noiselessly serving meals on trays, and a lot of alcohol being consumed.  In fact, it is the only place I've been to where the queue for the gents' is longer than the queue for the ladies'.

A large percentage of the female audience have dyed blonde hair.  Call me a snob, I don't care.  This is SO NOT ME.

We  had a wait of about 15 minutes before the main act commenced.  I could feel myself becoming more and more depressed.  Was it the darkness, the lack of any reading matter, the lack of any intelligent conversation, or the lack of any POINT to the proceedings?

My mind was dwelling on subjects like Sodom and Gomorrah, (was that the red lights, the drinking, the mindlessness?)  And on the reading matter in my desk drawer at home, the works  of Cicero, specifically his advice on how to handle old age. 

Before long, I was actually thinking "Well, if things get too bad, suicide is always a way out."  I do not exaggerate.  If there was no element of thought in life, or reading, or history, I would be suicidal.

Fortunately, once the main act (Georgie Fame) commenced, these gloomy thoughts receded.  G Fame is an intelligent and witty man, as well as very musical.  I lasted out the evening without upsetting my husband by articulating any of my thoughts.


  1. This whole trip/post intrigues me.....are your tastes in music so very different? did your husband want you to go with him? did you try drinking heavily to get into the swing (no pun intended) of things? Did you just hate the whole ordeal?
    ps I think I might try reading some Cicero..could do with the advice.
    pps I used to quite fancy Georgie Fame when I was younger.

  2. libby, you are perceptive in your questions. Years ago, when we were young together, we both enjoyed jazz evenings at a pub. Unfortunately we are much older now, and each of us is obsessed with sleep, which limits intake of alcohol for each of us. It didn't help that the time we got in there to sit down was just about the time I would be starting to get ready for bed, normally.

    So, tired, trapped feeling,nothing to read, no ability to talk, (too dark and noisy), an atmosphere of hell-fire (dark, with red lamps dotted about).

    You are right about Georgie Fame, he is still incredibly good looking, and was very entertaining. The music, when it started, was nice. Just seemed like a very expensive way to spend a couple of hours, and with nothing to show for it at the end.

    Will come back with some quotes from Cicero.

  3. Brought back memories of (very) long ago when I spent a happy evening in Ronnie Scotts with a gang of old schoolfriends. However it was SUCH a long time ago that it couldn't possibly be as I remember it now!!
    Husband is very disappointed in my general failure to enjoy live music...

  4. Hmm, hausfrau, could it be that you, like me, find it all just too tiring nowadays!

    I doubt if Ronnie Scott's has changed that much. It is still a complete dive.