Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An Exciting Day

Yesterday my work colleague announced she had been offered a new job and would be taking holiday and leaving on 6th July.  I was pleased for her, but will miss her a lot, as she is full of fun, and always ready for a chat about life and people and relationships.

Then, in the evening, my younger daughter texted to say she has been offered a new job and will be taking holiday and starting on 2nd July!

Very pleased and excited for both of them. 


  1. Such change all around you.
    As a nosey person I would love to know what new job your daughter has?? how exciting...

  2. It is exciting. She wants to leave her prestigious job as an accountant and start a six month ski season in December, slaving for a subsistence wage as a chalet girl. We had just got used to that idea (it took a while!) and then she announced that in the meantime she wants to gain wider experience in accountancy by taking a contract temp job. Talk about having it all. She is going to do both, starting with the contract job in July.