Sunday, 9 September 2012

On Top Of the World

So at last we had a full week of holiday, the first hubby has had in 12 months.  Both our darling daughters came with us for part of the time.  As one is soon to go to Brussels for a year and the other to a ski season in France for a season, this could well be the last time we are all together until next summer.

We went up Mount Snowdon on the miniature steam railway, and this is what we saw at the top.   We were really on top of the world.


  1. Such a wonderful view, and how lovely for you all to spend some time together.

  2. Thanks, Libby. I have been trying to comment on your recent post about your daughter leaving home, but each time I have been locked out and my browser closed. Don't know what that is all about. What I wanted to say was, don't worry. In my experience (through two instances) is that in the first years in their new job, they need you even more. More than at uni, where they are supported in a protective environment. I found that they were texting every day with their work problems, and long calls nearly every evening. Lots of time to grow up, really.

  3. Thanks for that comment...very thoughtful of you. Of course I shouldn't worry about the future and she has to finish her degree first and then find a job so I imagine you are right about lots of chances to still be a 'needed' mum. You obviously did something right for your two to rely on your advice and for growing up? when do we do that then!