Sunday, 28 October 2012


Friends moved house, a distance of about 12 miles: not far, but enough to unsettle the cat deeply. 

After urinating in the car on the way to the new house, it hid behind the kitchen cupboards and was trapped behind the washing machine after the latter was fitted. It marked its first week in the house by keeping everyone awake yowling all night long.

Then it disappeared and hasn't been seen since.

I was rather upset by this.

I told my husband that the cat had run away and was possibly dead.

This is how he comforted me.

"Well that's the cat's problem, isn't it. The cat decided what it was going to do, and did it."

I regret to say that this made me laugh out loud.


  1. A man of few words, but when he does comment on anything, it is usually apt. The advert at the start of this week's DowntonAbbey - can't say what it was advertising, was too busy looking at the cats. The grey tabby - that is what the lost cat looked like.