Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Library Book

So I now owned two copies of Thomas Hardy's "Life and Art", two copies of Thomas Hardy's "Life"  and two copies of "The Young Thomas Hardy" by Robert Gittings.    I had been searching for this last on Amazon, because our local public library had the companion volume, "The Older Thomas Hardy".  I read "The Older", and returned it to the library with a suggestion.

Would they like to accept my donation of the younger?  I explained my disappointment, on finding that only half the material was available.  "I feel that other people who are studying TH may wish to have both the volumes available".  The third person I spoke to (having been passed along a chain of command) agreed.

I was pleased.


  1. I hope the library was pleased...it was very kind of you.

  2. Thanks Libby. Well the resources manager seemed to understand the frustration one experiences when searching for material - she said "You want everything you can lay your hands on!" I identified with that. I suppose that someone higher up may say it is too manky and has markings which might make it inappropriate (eg a former library's stamp). We shall see whether it appears in the catelogue.

  3. Update - it never did appear in the catalogue, and since then, the library service has closed the entire top floor of the central (largest) district library building and got rid of all the books which were there, including literary and biography. So even if they did keep it, it will not have survived that massacre.