Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ask Your Mum - History

A further reason for my interest in Lotte Kramer and Judith Kerr is that they were born in the same year as my late mother.  And my mother-in-law, in fact, and my late father-in-law.  A generation that is fast fading from view, and will leave a big gap behind - namely first-hand recollections of what it was like to be a young person during the Second World War.  Anyone lucky enough to still have the chance, I urge you to ask your relatives for their memories.  Once gone, there will only be the TV to show a picture, and TV is inevitably biased.



  1. Too late. I had just started to get my mum to dictate her memories to me (she was born in 1922) when she was admitted to hospital and died.

    Bad taste after reading a book - possibly Eliz Jane Howard's autobiography. She was so silly-little-me that I got fed up with her.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that about your mother.

    Interestingly I believe EJH was also born in 1922.