Monday, 21 March 2016

Has Anyone Else Had to Give up Yoga due to OCD?

It's the walking barefoot on a floor that is used by the public in their outdoor shoes ...

And putting my naked head down on a mat that has been rolled and unrolled on this same public floor .....

And having to wash outer layer of clothing each week after one use lying on this same mat ....

And having to take off some of my copious layers of clothing, (this would not be such a problem in summer, of course).....


  1. I'm afraid I would be of exactly the same mind! I don't go swimming either for the same reasons. Even after I've filled my car up with petrol, I use antibac handwash; you know what some men are like about not washing their hands after spending a penny!! I don't consider myself OCD in any way, just really sensible.

    1. Thanks, Nana, you are such a comfort!

    2. I agree! there is nothing odd about your behaviour at fact I'm suprised by so many people being so cavalier about germs etc.,

    3. Thanks libby. I feel much better about it now!