Monday, 2 January 2017

A Post Festive Analysis

Here are some things I DIDN'T say

  • That dog is completely untrained

  • You are a completely selfish  *****

  • Don't keep going on about how the beef is overcooked

  • I am never doing Christmas again

  • I want to spend Christmas alone next year

  • The dog is a nervous wreck because it gets no consistency in the reactions to its whining and pawing

  • I want a divorce

So that was quite an achievement.


I met a complete stranger out on a walk on Boxing Day, and she burst into tears following our ritual greeting "Did you have a nice Christmas?"

We hugged.

After New Year's Eve, I told my husband that I am never going to do a New Year's Eve dinner party with the neighbours again, neither at theirs, (the next two years) or at ours (which would next be in 2019). 

Hubby has just read his Ladybird book.  Last year I gave him the Ladybird Book of the Shed.  This year I gave him the Ladybird book of Boxing Day.  He grudgingly admitted that it had been slightly amusing in places. 

Fortunately there is football on almost all the time over the festive period.


  1. Don't worry, it will all be a distant memory in a couple of weeks time! I think you showed remarkable reserve in keeping schtung!!Happy Peaceful New Year to you.

    1. Thanks Nana! You are right, it will. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Very restrained and grown up behaviour..well done.
    We have the 'grandparents' ladybird book..very funny.

    1. Sigh! Thanks, libby. Yes, they are laugh-out-loud funny, such an easy read too!