Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day Review.

One of the good things about keeping a blog is that it is quite literally a form of diary.  No-one I know keeps a diary any more, and nor do I.  It is therefore helpful to be able to look back over my records of my feelings on previous Christmases, and compare how I have managed this year.

Last year I had already upset lots of people, and all by Boxing Day morning.  Looking back over yesterday, I am proud to record that I only upset one person, my elder daughter.

 Last year, it was the younger one who appeared to behave selfishly.  This year the older.

 I kept stoom all through the afternoon when she sat reading a book in the sitting room surrounded by the other eight people present, all of whom were amicably keeping conversations going.  She also yawned conspicuously several times, including during the big meal. It wasn't until the last three guests had finally departed, at 9.30 pm, that I lost it.  I was desperate for some peace and quiet and to switch off.  She started wrapping presents and writing cards at 9.45 pm on Christmas Day.  I think and hope we will get over me snapping at her and in any case, when I look back on last year, I have done well.

So now we have just one more big meal to get through, and then farewells tomorrow, and it will all be over for another year. 


  1. Perhaps she was so contrite because she just hates the idea of a family Christmas, which is not a unique phenomenon amongst the younger set. I think you showed remarkable restraint in keeping a lid on it until late evening! After tomorrow, it'll all be over, bar the shouting but you've already done that so bite the bullet, smile sweetly and remember, the trick is to keep breathing. Happy New Year when it comes-a-calling, my friend.

    1. Dear Nana, I think sensible is your middle name!
      Thanks for your support, and all the very best for the New Year to you, too!