Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Improvements and Moving On

Spring is here, buds are emerging, the goose is sitting on her nest, and the wood is full of silver and golden celandine.  I went out with my camera to take pictures of the blossom for my blog, but the camera didn't work, even with new batteries installed.  Disappointing.

Younger daughter came home from her ski season on Sunday, after an overnight coach journey from the French Alps.  We were a little concerned, but I figured that lightning would not strike twice. 

She looked really fit and well, has lost some weight, and generally seemed in control and putting the whole thing in perspective, and now looking forward to the next episode in her life.  She will be flying to Perpignan a week tomorrow where she has a job cleaning caravans.  Each to their own.

Now that the excitement is over, I am realising yet again how much the girls have grown in independence this year, from working abroad.  I knew that this would be the case, but even so, it is hard to completely accept that they are no longer my treasures.

I must find other things to occupy my mind.

I am currently reading "The Seven Basic Plots" by Christopher Booker. Apparently every single book ever written can be categorised by one or more of these.  Some books greedily use three in one go!

They are:

Overcoming the Monster       eg "The Grufffalo", "Lord of the Rings"
Rags to Riches                      eg  "The Little Princess"
The Quest                             eg "The Hobbit", "Lord of the Rings"
Voyage and Return               eg "Peter Rabbit", "Lord of the Rings"
Comedy  Shakespeare
Tragedy   Shakespeare
Rebirth                                 eg "The Secret Garden"

As you can see, I am not that interested in Shakespeare.

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  1. Yes, I read that! Interesting, though at the time I felt I could think of some exceptions.