Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Skype calls with both daughters over the weekend. 

Apparently it is +14 degrees in the ski resort.  I asked younger daughter why snow was not melting.  She didn't know.

"It's SO FREEZING here,"  I sighed.

Mr BB and I set off at 7.00 am on Easter Sunday (our body-clocks were saying it was 6.00 am) to drive to elder daughter's flat to clean it.  (She has been in Brussels since October). The car gave the exterior temperature as -4 when we set off, and plus 5 at the end of the day on our return. 

So "Freezing", which used to be short-hand/exaggerated complaint for any temperature which was not 20 degrees plus, is, in this case, scientifically accurate.

"The spring is just not arriving," I continued.  "The birds are not singing, the buds are not coming out, and the geese are not nesting."

At this, younger daughter burst into howls of laughter and said she had to relay my news to her work-mate as soon as possible.

I didn't understand what was funny.  Apparently it had to do with the geese.