Sunday, 21 August 2011

And More Obsessive Behaviour

Only just realised the significance of this, and the symmetry.  Had not been home 18 hours, went to shopping centre for groceries (fridge bare after hub left alone for a week) and came back with a second-hand book and a second-hand teapot from the Age Concern shop.

My excuse is that both are early Christmas purchases. Both will be presented to elder daughter.  Book is a mint hardback copy of "Things I Wish My Mother had Told Me" by Lucia van der Post, style writer for The Times.  Lots of style and manners hints.  She will love this, as last year I gave her a tiny little book on table manners for business women, and she loved that.  Her friends all wanted to borrow it and they "Found it Hilarious". The teapot is a pure white designer shape from Maxwell Williams, petite and chic.  I know she will enoy the humour, and since she has discovered the "soothing" powers of tea, she may even use it.

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