Saturday, 20 August 2011

I Indulge My Obsessions

First, the cottage in the country.  An obsession for at least 15 years, shared with many of my friends, just to get away from everyone, the house, the kids, the husband, and live alone with a woodburning stove, roses outside the door, endless piles of books to read, and no interruptions.  Thank you, Norfolk Country Cottages for bringing my dreams to life.  Including the cups of tea outside the back door early in the morning.  (At home, our back door is in full view of the entire road, so not a place one can sit outside barely dressed catching the early morning sun.  I've asked to have  a new door built from our kitchen into the garden which would be private, but even my best friend agrees that this is not practical).

Second, my harmless delight in drinking tea.  I took four different kinds, and all were used.  Including the leaf tea, for which I took my tea-strainer.  I drew the line at taking a teapot, reasoning (correctly) that any self-respecting cottage would have a teapot. 

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