Thursday, 11 August 2011

End of Any Hope for My New Phone

Younger daughter has departed, without finding time to help me understand my phone.  In her defence, she has had a headache since Monday, and feels rubbish.  Now I have to wait for elder daughter who is visiting over the Bank Holiday weekend, in two weeks' time.

I am not optimistic.  Originally she had promised that we would go to see Harry Potter together, but has already back-tracked on that, as a more enticing social offer has come up.

When we got our upgrade notification, I suggested to hub that we should have the same model, as we could then "Help each other".  Some hope.  Yesterday he left his phone at home all day, so couldn't answer daughter when she called him to ask for the alarm code.  (She could see the phone through the window, it was  lying on the kitchen table).  Today he has left his phone at work, and needs it at home this evening.  What can you do with him.

I briefed my neighbour this evening that I would be away next week, and hub would be on his own.  She needed no further instruction.  "I'll keep an eye on him," she promised.  Last time I went away, she fetched the  milk in when he left it out all day, and watered my plants when he forgot.  She and her husband are both retired and at home all day. She says he has more than once come home at lunchtime without his key, and they have rescued him. (They keep a key all the time.  Such great neighbours!) So he isn't a prospect for phone help, either. 

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