Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August Ends At Last

God, it's been a long month. It seemed like it would never come to an end.  Let's hope September turns over a new leaf.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

And More Obsessive Behaviour

Only just realised the significance of this, and the symmetry.  Had not been home 18 hours, went to shopping centre for groceries (fridge bare after hub left alone for a week) and came back with a second-hand book and a second-hand teapot from the Age Concern shop.

My excuse is that both are early Christmas purchases. Both will be presented to elder daughter.  Book is a mint hardback copy of "Things I Wish My Mother had Told Me" by Lucia van der Post, style writer for The Times.  Lots of style and manners hints.  She will love this, as last year I gave her a tiny little book on table manners for business women, and she loved that.  Her friends all wanted to borrow it and they "Found it Hilarious". The teapot is a pure white designer shape from Maxwell Williams, petite and chic.  I know she will enoy the humour, and since she has discovered the "soothing" powers of tea, she may even use it.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

And more of my self-indulgent activities on holiday

Two visits to Felbrigg (National Trust) second hand bookshop, two visits to Blickling (National Trust) second hand bookshop.  Dropped in on two second hand book shops in Norwich.  Bought four books in all. 

I Indulge My Obsessions

First, the cottage in the country.  An obsession for at least 15 years, shared with many of my friends, just to get away from everyone, the house, the kids, the husband, and live alone with a woodburning stove, roses outside the door, endless piles of books to read, and no interruptions.  Thank you, Norfolk Country Cottages for bringing my dreams to life.  Including the cups of tea outside the back door early in the morning.  (At home, our back door is in full view of the entire road, so not a place one can sit outside barely dressed catching the early morning sun.  I've asked to have  a new door built from our kitchen into the garden which would be private, but even my best friend agrees that this is not practical).

Second, my harmless delight in drinking tea.  I took four different kinds, and all were used.  Including the leaf tea, for which I took my tea-strainer.  I drew the line at taking a teapot, reasoning (correctly) that any self-respecting cottage would have a teapot. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

End of Any Hope for My New Phone

Younger daughter has departed, without finding time to help me understand my phone.  In her defence, she has had a headache since Monday, and feels rubbish.  Now I have to wait for elder daughter who is visiting over the Bank Holiday weekend, in two weeks' time.

I am not optimistic.  Originally she had promised that we would go to see Harry Potter together, but has already back-tracked on that, as a more enticing social offer has come up.

When we got our upgrade notification, I suggested to hub that we should have the same model, as we could then "Help each other".  Some hope.  Yesterday he left his phone at home all day, so couldn't answer daughter when she called him to ask for the alarm code.  (She could see the phone through the window, it was  lying on the kitchen table).  Today he has left his phone at work, and needs it at home this evening.  What can you do with him.

I briefed my neighbour this evening that I would be away next week, and hub would be on his own.  She needed no further instruction.  "I'll keep an eye on him," she promised.  Last time I went away, she fetched the  milk in when he left it out all day, and watered my plants when he forgot.  She and her husband are both retired and at home all day. She says he has more than once come home at lunchtime without his key, and they have rescued him. (They keep a key all the time.  Such great neighbours!) So he isn't a prospect for phone help, either. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Younger daughter is sulking on the sofa.  Her phone ran out of battery when she was calling me to ask for our alarm code. So she had to wait in the garden for an hour until I got home from work. She blames me and has already shouted at me.  I pointed out that it was not my fault her phone ran out of battery, and I was not in the mood for being shouted at.  Strange how I always hope for a lovely time when she comes home to visit, and how so often she is in a foul mood.

So I dare not raise the idea of her helping me to find out how to use my new phone.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Phone

Arguments, controversy, three trips to phone shops, where assistants vary  -  some helpful others not so.  I now have new phone and, of course, I can't work it properly.  Oh, yes, I can send and read texts, and I've found the alarm clock (essential for one who gets up at 5 am), but internet?  Totally lost.  And how annoying is this touch and stroke screen.  Fortunately younger daughter is coming home next week for a couple of days.  I hope she is in a patient mood.