Thursday, 31 July 2014

Some Developments

1. I've bought a kindle! And already downloaded 6 samples to read (excluding ones I've already read and deleted) and 5 books.  It's fun. 

2. I've obtained a reader's ticket for the University of Leicester Library.  Unlike the British Library, you can actually borrow books!  Awesome.  I've borrowed three, but because of the excitement of my kindle, I haven't fully read them yet.

3. I've set a retirement date.  I gave three months' notice and am retiring on 15th August. Hopefully then I will read all the books I've downloaded and borrowed.

4. I think I am going to cry when I leave work.  Although there are rational reasons, work and family have been my whole life.  Family have grown up and got their own lives now.  Work is going to come to an end. This is a big change in lifestyle.  

Have people any tips for new retirees?